Weird Ailments - Magazine Series?
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There was a series of articles by doctors (or possibly, a doctor) in a mainstream US magazine, each about a patient who had a weird ailment, usually incorrectly diagnosed at first. What was it?
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The New York Times Magazine "Diagnosis" column?
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You probably mean the series of Lisa Sanders M.D. in The New York Times Magazine:
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I think Reader's Digest has regular stories of this kind. I'm not sure if it's a recurring feature or just something they like to print a lot of.
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Discover Magazine used to / may still have a feature called "Vital Signs."
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The "Annals of Medicine" stories by Berton Roueché in the New Yorker?
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Something by Oliver Sacks?
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Thanks! These are all enormously useful answers.
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Diagnosis still runs in the NYTM-- so there are more columns to come. The Science Times has "Cases" which is sometimes similar, sometimes not.
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Man, "Vital Signs" was awesome.
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Vital Signs is still running.
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If you are interested a lot of medical journals aimed at general practitioners have similar columns but at a slightly more advanced level. They are usually found under the heading "case studies".
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