3 day Honeymoon/getaway with 4 hrs drive of Central NJ?
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Quick 2-3 day honeymoon within driving distance of NJ? New to the area, and out of ideas. Likes beaches, dining, spas, natural beauty, and romantic evenings.

Help me find the best place to spend 3-4 days after our wedding in May (yes it is this month!!) Things had to be done in a hurry, and I am short of breath trying to keep up with arrangements :)

The other half got 3 extra days off and I would love to know if there are any honeymoon spots within driving distance of central NJ (3-4 hour drive is ok). We both love naturally beautiful places. Open to cabins in the woods (but where will we eat), or beaches (if its not too cold to go for a dip). Budget is < $1000 for 3 days/nights. Ideally the place will provide the opportunity for long scenic walks/treks, have good food, and help us rest our frayed nerves and bodies.

Any idea, mefites?
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The Poconos or the Catskills for woodsy camping, cabins, hotels, or resorts.

Cape May for the beach (may still be too cold though), victorian houses, B&Bs.
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This just makes me think of the Mohonk Mountain House (see also) — I don't know whether it's within all your criteria, but it's an interesting place.
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Central Pennsylvania is probably ideal for what you're looking for.

Conewago Manor Inn is an absolutely gorgeous B&B located near Elizabethtown, PA. It'll take you 3-ish hours to get there from almost anywhere in New Jersey. It's a restored farmhouse which used to have its own mill and is located next to a lovely stream.

If you look at the map carefully, you'll see two railroads, one leading vaguely WNW to ESE, and one which forks off to the NW. That NW fork isn't actually a railroad anymore: it's been converted to a public hiking trail and winds along Conewago Creek for several miles in that direction. There are a couple of great swimming holes thereabouts. You're located pretty close to the Horseshoe Trail and easy driving distance to the Appalachian Trail.

I've got plenty of excellent restaurant recommendations too. T. J. Rockwells (excellent local casual dining), Alfred's Victorian (arguably the best restaurant in a few dozen miles), and the Hotel Hershey (the other candidate and a bit more formal) are all within fifteen minutes or so.

In case you couldn't tell, I grew up about five minutes from here, so I've got a feel for the lay of the land. A lot of people from Jersey and NYC do the touristy stuff in the area, but there's plenty of other things to do if you know where to look.

MeFiMail me if you want more information, and congrats!
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The Hamptons before the crush. Perfect timing for the Hamptons. And you will find the best food there.

The Mill House Inn in East Hampton is nice and probably has less expensive rates off-season.
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Will second Mohonk. Will be around $1000 depending on time of year. 2 hour drive from the city. Meets all other criteria. I love Mohonk.
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Central PA (such as Lancaster) is pretty this time of year. Well, if it's not raining, anyhow. Alternatively, the Delaware beaches (or Cape May) are not too terribly far and should be decent. The weather lately (at least in Northern Delaware) has been jumpy; last weekend was hot/summery, while this weekend has been all rain.
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Thirding Mohonk. My other suggestion would be New Hope, PA/Lambertville, NJ area.
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I'll second Cape May. It's a good time to come down if the weather ever turns nice.
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Mohonk is great. The food is not insanely great, but you won't care.

My brother and his wife did something similar and took a quick honeymoon at Shelter Island.
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