How can I determine the mattresses I'm looking at are real TempurPedics?
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I'm trying to buy a used TempurPedic mattress on craigslist as a gift for a family member who wants one. I know next to nothing about mattresses- how do I make sure I actually get a genuine TempurPedic?

My Grandma wants a TempurPedic mattress. She knows we're looking at used, and she is ok with that, but she wants a genuine TempurPedic mattress. Beyond looking at tags, is there any way to tell if I am looking at the real deal when I go to see mattresses from craigslist? How much should a genuine Full/Twin in good condition be?

Thank you!
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Not trying to frighten you, but I have a rule that I would never ever buy any "soft" furniture used from anyone I didn't know and know well. Heard way too many stories about someone buying a mattress or a couch from someone and then a few weeks later there's bedbugs (or worse) running around the house. Obviously this is a situational thing, and some transactions may be safer than others, but better safe than sorry is my motto in this regard.
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From someone who used to sell Tempurpedics, the easiest way to tell is the firmless level and weight. Cheaper knockoffs were lighter and easier to push into. By comparison, the real thing will be harder to push into and take longer to recover - that's normal and perfectly fine. Another hint of the genuine article is to look for the Tempurpedic logo in the tan / brown cloth.

You probably shouldn't expect to save too much money by buying used. As of when I sold them they came with a 20 year warranty, and was told by a Tempurpedic marketing person that they had yet to have to replace one that complied with their warranty standards.

If craigslist doesn't satisfy, last year's models are usually taking up room at the store of warehouse that sells them. Bring cash and be willing to negotiate and you might get a better deal on one still wrapped in the plastic. Best of luck :)
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I don't know if this will help you out, but my fiancee and I bought a very good quality memory foam mattress a year and a half ago from Bed-In-A-Box. Fiancee used to have a Tempurpedic brand that she got used off of CL, and says that our new bed was not only cheaper but just as comfortable. We paid $475 delivered for a queen size "PacBed Original 9 inch" version. The price has gone up $50 since then, but I think it's still worth the money.

I emailed them to inquire if the mattress material has any toxins (such as PDBE, TDI, fungicides, or pesticides), and they said it does not contain anything toxic. They are headquartered in Tennessee, so for me it's somewhat of a local company (I'm in NC) which I feel good about supporting.
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Dude, go to Costco and buy their memory foam mattress topper or somesuch, which is much, much cheaper than even a used Tempurpedic, and according to Consumer Reports, as comfortable. Even the Tempurpedic sales guy told us to go there!

We paid $150 for a queen-sized topper. That was three years ago. It's still heaven to sleep on.
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What everyone else said, but also wanted to add that TempurPedics (and other memory foam mattresses, I think) don't get bed bugs. Bed bugs, as I understand it, don't have a taste for memory foam.
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bengarland beat me to it.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bed-in-a-box bed. I will never buy any other brand of bed ever again in my life time and I recommend them to anyone who'll listen.

I know that isn't what you asked, but I thought it might be nice for you to know I chose BIAB over Tempurpedic after much research/price comparison.
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