Need Help finding a good orthopedic doctor.
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Where can I find references and referrals for a good Orthopedic / Sports Medicine Surgeon

I have a shoulder injury that has been nagging for years (it feels like it is one of the rotator cuff muscles. I think I injured it years ago lifting weights. I enjoy golf too and it can get a little aggravated during my round. I find my self stretching my arm numerous times throughout the day.

So I think it's time I go and see a specialist and get his opinion on what I should do about this since it obviously isn't going to go away on it's own. I just turned 28 and I hear the older you are the long/ less effective the healing is.

I don't know any orthopedic surgeons (I assume that's the type of dr I should see) much less who the best ones are. This would be a very important surgery on myself so I'm not affraid to see one of the best. I live in the Canton, OH vacinity only about 90 minutes south of Cleveland and West of Pittsburgh. So I guess the best place to start is look for an online board or something where people talk about their experiences with other Drs. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Have you ever seen a doctor about this? I wouldn't immediately assume that surgery is the best option; in fact, I'd make it a last resort. Go to your regular doctor and get a real diagnosis, then get a recommendation for an orthopedist and possibly a physical therapist.
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Response by poster: I found a old 2006 article and it seems that what I'm experiencing may be solvable w/ physical therapy. Seeing my regular dr. is a logical 1st step I will probably take but that being said. I'd still like to find a good online source for surgeons and physical trainers alike. That article makes me believe that having a good PT is over half the battle!
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Try a place like this. Alternately, call up the athletic department at a local university and see who they use.
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Going to an orthepedic surgeon isn't going to mean you get surgery: my ortho is a surgeon and she would never want to operate on something unnecessarily. That said, if you can get a rec for PT from your regular doc, go ahead and do so because every PT I've seen has been as good or better than a doctor in helping me understand what is going on, how to rehab, what I can and can't do etc.

Nax's suggestion to find out who your university uses is great. PTs who work with athletes are generally more aggresive & less restrictive, and I've found I get better faster when I cut back just enough than when I just "rest." Good luck.
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My DH is an ortho surgeon, and he always tries to use the least invasive methods first. (Though that certainly isn't true of everyone.) There are a lot of websites where you can "rate your doctor", and maybe it's just me, but it seems like that really hasn't caught least not around here. I don't want to sound too vague with my answer, but seriously you just need to ask around. In our town it's pretty easy to find out who's the best, who you definitely don't want to go to, and where most of the other orthos fall in the spectrum.

That would probably be my first step, and he should be able to take xrays if needed and then refer you to a good PT.
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