Breakfast in Boston
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Where should we get breakfast in Boston tomorrow?

I'm heading into Boston tomorrow (Sunday) with some friends for a day of various activities. We're parking at an Orange Line stop at taking the T into the city. We have a commitment out on the Silver Line at noon, so vicinity to there would be nice, but at least it needs to be within walking distance from a T stop.

As for breakfast, we're not very picky. Would be nice to not spend an hour or two waiting. Cheap is good too, but breakfast is pretty cheap in general.
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Response by poster: If it matters, there will be eight or so of us.
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If you want to hit the red line, I'm a big fan of Panificio on Charles St off the Charles/MGH stop (in fact, I'm there every Sunday morning). The Paramount down the street always has a huge long line outside, so apparently it's good, but I've never been. Both of those are relatively inexpensive. If you do feel like splurging, for $35 you can have the all-you-can-eat buffet and menu brunch at the Liberty Hotel (next to the Charles/MGH stop), which is delicious.

Anywhere you go, the earlier the better. Brunch places tend to have much longer waiting times starting around 10:30 or so.
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Mike's - 1714 Washington St, South End
Hei la Moon if you'd consider dim sum - 88 Beach St, Chinatown
Appleton Bakery Cafe - 123 Appleton St, South End

I like the Paramount better than Panificio, but both are good as olinerd suggests.
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They just opened a Friendly Toast in Cambridge. Given that my family regularly drives an hour to eat at the one in Portsmouth, I'd highly recommend it.
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Response by poster: Nice! I've been to the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth and loved it.
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Terrie's place in Southie.
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Which Silver line? If you taking the one that goes to Dudley station (and not the airport), Mike's Diner at the corner of Washington St. and Mass ave do a great breakfast, and the best Corner Beef Hash ever!


On a nice day like today there'll be a bit of wait for brunch.
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Sorry, goofed up that link, here it is again:
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