Mounted Cards under Glass
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How can I mount a set of playing card like things in a frame without damaging or discoloring them?

I have a deck of picture cards that I would like to mount in a frame. The cards are basically standard modern playing cards, shellacked or whatever they do to them. I want to mount them on something, put them in a frame, and put them on my wall to show off, but I have no idea what solution I could use to a) mount them successfully, and b) have the option to de-mount them and put them in their/a box without having something discolor or otherwise damage the cards. I don't want anything permanent.

Any suggestions?
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Use a frame with low-acid mounting paper in the back and UV-resistant glass. You might end up adding cardboard, or, if it works, plain undyed cotton behind the cards, but generally the pressure of framing will keep them in place.

I suggest the UV glass in order to resist framing, but if you will be displaying in a sunless spot, don't worry about it. If it's going to be more likely temporary, you can consider using a colored background (fabric/paper) instead.
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Gaylord has a large supply of archival exhibit supplies online.
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You could press and frame them between two panes of glass, so that they're mounted transparently.
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Best answer: Fun idea, SansPoint!
I think I have what you need here. Scotch brand (3M) makes a product they call "mounting squares: double stick foam squares", one type permanent the other removable. The removable is what you'd want, obviously. It's strong, so you could cut it into smaller squares and easily hold the cards in place. They have some depth, due to the 'foam', so the cards will be ever so slightly 'floating' off the background. You can get these at any hardware, sometimes groceries in the stationary section, office stores, etc. I keep them on hand for all sorts of temporary and not so temporary postings. And the temporary kind really are removable, even after years, even from regular paper. So it would be a cinch, given the coating on playing cards, to undo your display and re-box the cards, no harm done.
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