How can I triple-boot OS X, Windows XP and Ubuntu on my Macbook?
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How can I triple-boot OS X, Windows XP and Ubuntu on my Macbook?

I already have OS X and Windows XP running great with bootcamp, how can I add Ubuntu to my arsenal without fudging the bootloader?
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You're going to have to fudge the bootloader. Check out refit. It's pretty easy to get going. Check out the wiki.
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I run Windows and Ubuntu in Parallels on my Mac. Not running native, but you have the advantage of being able to run more than one at the same time.
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Best answer: ilumos, I wrote a little piece on how to get OS X, Windows XP, and Ubuntu on a macbook, as well as be able to use that Windows install and Ubuntu install from inside VMware Fusion. It's a little finicky to get set up, but pretty amazing when it all works.

Multibooting Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X on a mac and using them as virtual machines
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Don't be afraid of rEFIf! I have os x, windows xp and ubuntu all on my mbp and the coolest thing about it is the refit bootloader. Just look at the picture on adamwolf's's awesome.
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Response by poster: Many thanks guys, and thanks adamwolf, I'll definitely give that a go, looks cool as hell.

Take care!
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