Internet RadioStation in a Box?
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Trying to find "internet radio station in a box". It is a audio CD set that includes sweeps, liners, and buildable station IDs. I had a bookmark for it until my laptop went up in flames, now I cant find the site to buy it from... Help?
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Try TM Productions. That kind of stuff might be found by searching "production music".
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Is this something that works on the internet or a box that works "like it was" connected to the internet? Your description sounds like Pandora, but Pandora is free. ITunes lets you buy music and generally includes the artwork and so on but I don't think it really functions as a radio.
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Response by poster: this was like a 4 cd set. Each CD contained sound effects that a radio station would use when making a promotion or jingle. It also had a announcer that pronounced each letter of the alphabet so you could build a promo for your own station. ie. A.K.A Radio would be 4 clips spliced together. You would get the cd set then construct your own station jingles and promo's with a audio editor.
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There is this site: Sounddogs, which has a lot of this sort of stuff.
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Response by poster: Found it in a archived back up of my bookmarks from 2004 (!). It wasn't "Internet Radio station in a box, it was "Instant Radio Station in a box".

Thanks to all those that tried to help me out!
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Response by poster: searching for "The Instant Radio Station" and "Ben Freedman" will get you there if any future inquires happen to come across this.
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