Jonathan "Keith" Idema and Ed Carballlo
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Lately, I've been thinking a lot about Jonathan "Keith" Idema. The guy who was sentenced to 10 years in Afghanistan for running a prison and anti-terror group supposedly outside of US and Afghan control. I've read the BBC stuff that's out there. Does anyone have any other information about this guy? I heard he went to jail for fraud in the US. Also, he had a documentary filmmaker named Ed Carballlo with him. I'm interested in learning more about him as well... Anyone?

For anyone who is unfamiliar. Here's a good profile.
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All I know about Idema is what I've read on the internets and seen on TV, so my guess is that you know as much about him as I do. (Note that he is also known as "Jack" Idema, which does help with the Googlin'.)
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He set up shop here in Wilmington, NC several years back. It was before I arrived but apparently he was here to lobby on behalf of Col. Marecek, a Green Beret accused of murdering his wife. I've met several people who met him while he was here, but not gotten a lot of details.
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Here is an article about him from the November Stuff magazine.

And I remember glancing at an article from a current copy of another magazine. But I can't seem to track it down. IIRC, it was Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, or something similar.
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The latest Maxim has an article on him, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

From their site:
Maybe he’s a nut job, maybe he’s a hero, maybe he’s a man on a mission, but this former Green Beret is in a world of trouble. Recently busted by authorities while hunting for Osama, he’s now been convicted of illegal imprisonment and torture and is about to do a dime in Afghanistan’s notorious prison system. You decide if he got justice.

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