Help me find that game, please
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I need to find a game I've played so many years ago in the old Windows 3.11.

I need to find a game I've played so many years ago in the old Windows 3.11.

It consisted in a grid where you are placed in a cell, and there was few obstacles and monsters placed on other cells.
You can move in any of the axis direction (top, bottom, left, right), on each move, the monsters approximates to you by 1 cell movement.
If the monsters hit an obstacle, or between them they dies.

The objective of the game was to kill all the monsters by hitting objects or themselves. On each new level you get more monsters, which makes it harder to escape from them.

I'm looking for this game for a long time!
I need the game or at least the name or publisher.

Thank you!
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Best answer: The basic game you're describing sounds like Robots, which has had many clones over the years. I'm not sure which version you would have played in Windows 3.1, but there's a Javascript version you can play online.
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This is not that game.

But it seems related, and you might enjoy it. Sorry I don't have the answer you wanted.
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It sounds like nethack or possibly a c64 emulator running Sword of Fargoal.
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Chip's Challenge?
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Response by poster: Awesome, thank you guys...

It's that Robots :)
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Best answer: It's often also called Daleks -- as in Dr. Who Daleks -- if that helps you find more versions.
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You can download Daleks here.
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Ahhh, Robots! I'd completely forgotten about this. You have my undying gratitude for posting this.
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