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Is there an iTunes keyboard shortcut that allows you to set song ratings, or a way to set up such a shortcut on OSX?

I have recently been trying to go through and rate the songs in my library, and I was hoping to find a way to set a keyboard shortcut for this to expedite the process. Bonus points if this could be done while in another window (I don't know if that is even possible... I'm not too tech savy).
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You can do this with a nifty Applescript, which is what I did.

As a bonus, it works no matter what other program you're using at the moment, so iTunes doesn't have to be in front.

(What else are F14-F15-F16 for, anyway?)
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(Oh, and if you want to go hardcore, there's this hack to enable half-star ratings.)
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There's also an add-on application called Synergy that will let you do this (among other things).
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Best answer: I use Sizzling Keys for this. It's very easy to set rating hotkeys that work from anywhere... I have it setup to use Cmd-1-5, so when I am working and I like or dislike the song I can just rate it without switching to iTunes.
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I use Quicksilver for this. If you wanted speedier access to lots of stuff, Quicksilver or LaunchBar may be worth exploring; I think either is probably worth the time investment.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I tried my hand a bit at the applescript solutions, but I'm afraid that's a bit over my head. Synergy seemed cool, but sizzling keys is free, so I'll be trying that out when I get home tonight.
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I use the also free Gimme Some Tune, which also will display a little floating window to show what the new track starting is, and will automatically download lyrics for songs, let you display lyrics in a transparent window, and even edit them. Also album art, recently played tracks... it's a wonderful little program, resides in the menu bar near the clock, etc... I can't sing its praises enough.
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Response by poster: Just an update, but I installed sizzling keys, and it is awesome! The hotkeys work exactly the way I want them to, and the floater window that pops up is handy (and attractive)! Thanks smackfu!
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