Vintage clothing repair in Toronto? Lace, embroidery/brocade?
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I am a vintage dress freak and have a handful of dresses that need some TLC - ripped lace and a few pieces with gold stitch embroidering (sp?) are getting really worn out. Any suggestions for a place in the GTA who could handle a range of vintage clothing repair needs? TIA
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You could try posting on Craigslist- you might find a fashion design student or film/theatre wardrobe person with skillz who'll do it in his/her spare time.
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How 'fancy' are your dresses? If they're not 5$ Value Village scores, you might contact a place like Paper Bag Princess, Cabaret, or Divine Decadence and ask for suggestions. Divine Decadence does alterations and repairs themselves, and might fix up your dresses (no idea about cost though)
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I'm not sure where the GTA is (Greater Tulsa Area, Golden Triangle Association, Genoese Trade Authority, Georgian Theocratic Autocracy?) but regardless, my wife found an elderly woman through a local list serve who would take small sewing jobs for cash. She was the only one who had the skills to do repair work on a vintage dress because most professional seamstresses in our area had lost some of the techniques used on the dress originally (or, I suspect, they were too piled with work to take the time necessary to do the job right).
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Try these guys:

Their "buy the pound" store on Lansdowne sells vintage by the pound, with alterations and repairs on the spot when you purchase, if needed. I'm sure if you called up and asked around, one of the very awesome people who work there might take on the project or give you a name of someone who can.
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Maybe someone at can help or recommend someone?
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I was going to recommend Fresh baked as well. They'll know lots of local people who can do this I wager.
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