Give me some creative ideas for a burger joint's website
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Give me some creative ideas for a burger joint's website

I do a little web design on the side and have been approached by a new local burger joint to build them a website. They don't deliver and have a simple menu.

The owner wants the site to be simple 1. google map 2. menu 3. phone and fax #

Any suggestions on how to spruce things up?
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Best answer: make the marker on google map burger shaped
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Random quotes about burgers.

Still I kind of want to stand up for the simple concept. What more does one need? A burger is the most no-nonsense of meals.
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A professional photo of the location.
Professional photos of the food would be great too.

Don't try and overcomplicate it. If all they need is a simple site then stick to that. A sharp, clean look that is easy to navigate is what you should be worried about.

A section of testimonials about the delicious burgers would be cool I think.
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I'd put a "print this!" button on the menu and directions (and make sure they look good when printed).

I like seeing a little story about the people behind the restaurant, how long it's been in business, etc.
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Hours of Operation, especially for holidays. It drives me crazy how many local places have everything online except this.
When I get the munchies late at night I won't stop by if I don't know if you're open!
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Best answer: Navigation graphics could be burger toppings instead of buttons. Pickle slice, tomato, dollop of mustard, ketchup etc.

Printable PDF menu.

Testimonial quotes from customers.
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Phone number and address shouldn't be hidden behind a contact us button/tab.

Could you make the web page look like a screenshot from the Burger Time arcade game?
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Pleeeeease don't make the PDF menu your only option. I really hate when I go to a restaurant's website and have to download a PDF to see what they offer.
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Pleeeeease don't make the PDF menu your only option.

No, never the only option. But an option. I hate that too. But I also hate having to print the web page as my only option, as it rarely prints well.
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Response by poster: So far I really like:
  • the burger map marker
  • printable pdf menu in addition to the menu page
  • Hours of operation clearly listed
  • testimonials
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Make sure the PDF menu also lists the hours of operation, address and phone number.
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A contest or coupon that people can print out for a dollar off their order, or (better) a special on whatever item is overstocked today that's only good today.

This helps move overstocked inventory AND gives you some feedback on how much the site is being used. In any case, time-limit them with a script so that you get good data.
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Use as few pages as possible, and minimal scrolling on those pages. It sounds like you could probably fit the menu and general information on one page, and then a map plus contact info and hours of operation on a second page. But also include a phone number on the first page.
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Yelp link.
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