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How do I find graphic artists / designers for rock music promo materials?

I am a musician who is constantly having to produce small artworks for posters, promo CDs, etc. I'm not a trained visual artist, and my layout and font choices would probably make a genuine designer want to murder me.

I have a foggy memory of there being a place on the web where designers specializing in rock posters had galleries of their work. There was an interface where you could commission stuff or get bids. Did this exist or did I just dream it? If it doesn't exist, where can I make contact with artists who do this kind of work?

Any other advice, like what I should be expecting to pay for such things, would be appreciated. I'm not so much interested in trucking around to my local colleges or wherever trying to recruit an artist - I'd like to be able to look at lots of portfolios so I can get a sense of whose style matches what I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Gigposters.
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yup, damn Cachondeo beat me to it.
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Response by poster: That was the one, thanks!
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i'd be into helping you out possibly... MeMail to be sent...
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