Where is Allis?
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ObscureSciFiBookFilter: Space opera-type book, wherein a cargo ship is taken over by pirates.

Main character's name is Allis, and she has long hair that she braids and wraps around her head. (She is a newbie and is castigated for having long hair in space.) There is a somewhat psychedelic hyperspace jump or something, in which Allis connects it to falling down the rabbit hole. No idea when I read this, though it was probably late 80s/early 90s.

Given the vagueness, Googling has been of no help. This has been nagging at my brain for years-- please help me find this book!
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Best answer: The only thing I can seem to come up with is a anthology book/series/magizine called Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

Here's what I wrestled from google:

Analog Science Fiction/science Fact: Science Fiction/science Fact.‎ - Page 162

by Katherine MacLean, Christopher Anvil, Stanley Schmidt, Lloyd Biggle, Margaret L Silbar, John Wood Campbell - Science fiction - 1981

When the gypsies discover their fellow's death, they take Allis into space. ...
Jealousy and hate despoil her mind, until pirates strike and she does ...
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Best answer: You can order back issues of Analog from them here.
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Response by poster: Oh YAY! I am sure that's it! Frabjous day! Now to find out if I can get a 1981 Analog from somewhere...
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