God is all around you, when you live inside his belly.
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A religious war in space, with chits.

In a game store, long long ago, and far far away. ie, 1975ish & Plano, Texas.....

I bought a game. It came in a small plastic box, like a steve jackson pocket box game, but probably a different publisher. There was a paper map, and a bunch of cardboard chits for the spaceships and counters/whatnot.

The basic premise of the game was that everything took place inside some sort of godlike creature, a mental exercise on "his" part. His only interface between himself and this internal universe were 2 portals, set at either end of the map. The peoples who lived inside this universe had discovered these portals, and broken into two factions, one convinced that they needed to contact (or possibly kill) "god" thru one of the portals, and the other side saying we shouldn't touch the portals, or it would end the universe.

The map had defined "warp" routes between different star systems. The ship chits had memorable little pictures of the ships on them. 2 Players at a time, both teams had unique units that tied into the backstory.
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I think he wants to know the identity of the game he's described.
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I'd love to know the answer, sounds like Avalon Hill + acid.
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Response by poster: killdevil is correct. I see now that I was so busy describing the game, I didn't actually ask that directly.

All is sound and fury signifying nothing, since further exploration on the website I linked to, as an example of the packaging style, reveals that the game wasn't a Steve Jackson game after all; it was by MetaGaming, and called "Warp War".

I even found one on ebay =)

When I wrote my description, I had no idea "warp" was in the title, I swear I thought that bit of info might actually be distracting, and hadn't included that keyword in my searches. d'oh.
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Best answer: Looks like Holy War is a good fit to your description. (Part of the same series as Warp War.)
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Response by poster: DA, that is indeed the correct one. I'm curious what the backstory will be in Warp War now.

"Amtik the god had a problem. The universe was internal to his 400,000km long self..."
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