Take my home from drab to Hollywood glam
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I'm looking for a source for black and white photos of old black Hollywood film stars a la Nina Mae McKinney, Dorothy Dandrige, et. al.

Google and Ebay turned up nothing ... unless I'm not searching the right terms.

Hoping the green can help me turn my cookie-cutter apartment into a swank old Hollywood pad.
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Yousuf Karsh shot some of the most iconic hollywood-era style portraits.
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Best answer: Have you looked through the Google Life archives? They have some great ones of Dorothy Dandridge.
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Response by poster: Ugh,
The Google Life archives had some good stuff but more importantly, it lead me to allposters.com. I'd never seen it. They have some awesome, awesome prints. Thanks!
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Take a look at Doctor Macro e.g. Josephine Baker
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2nd Doctor Macro, if you have access to a good printer. The site has a number of wonderful high-res scans.

For example, Dorothy Dandridge (more).

Browse through their Galleries.
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Word. Combine it with the Rasterbator = WIN.
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