Where to find sour plums?
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Where to find sour Persian green plums in New York?

My wife and I have a huge craving for these plums. Got some from a website (tulumba.com) but it is fairly expensive. Are there any new yorkers who knows where to get these sour plums?
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You will have to wait until they are in season, but I have seen them at the Greenmarket.
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I don't know where you might find them, but you might have better luck looking for them by their actual name. They're called greengages in English, and they're exactly in season right now and you will find them at any Persian grocery store. Alternatively, come over to my house where I have roughly ten thousand of them in my fridge, and we will make ourselves sick together noshing on them.
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I saw them for sale yesterday at Rachel's Deli for $4 a pound.
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As far as I know, they are in season, though it just began--they're in stock at my local halal butcher shop (in Toledo) as of a few days ago, but were looking kind of weensy. They quality should increase over a few weeks.
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Thank you everyone and I might take on your offer BuddhaInABucket :).
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