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Please recommend a colour printer that prints 11x17" sheets.

My HP 9800 was stolen this week, so I'm in the market for another wide format printer. Please help me pick one and give reasons for why you recommend it. I'd like it to be below $500 Canadian. Thank you!
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I've had an Epson Stylus Photo R2200 inkjet for a few years (3 or 4, I guess) that prints beautifully on all kinds of paper. I use it mainly for photos and holiday cards.

It can easily print 11x17. In fact, it will print up to 13x44 inches.

Of course, they no longer make that model. It's been replaced by the R2880, which is somewhat more costly than you've indicated.

However, they have a Stylus Photo R1900 for US$399 (after rebates) direct from the Epson store. You would likely find it cheaper at a Best Buy or the like.

I have no direct experience with this model, but have had very positive experience with the model I mentioned above.
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I have the Epson R1800 (the model before the 1900) and it is amazing. I use it exclusively for printing photos and the quality is better than anything I have gotten from even the most expensive pro-labs or done in the darkroom. Highly recommend the Epson's.

PS: no matter what you get, have a custom ICC profile made.
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I have the epson stylus photo 1400, which I bought to replace a canon 9100 which had chronically clogged printheads. I like the epson very much. Prints well every time, even if it's been a week or two, and I was able to get it for $250(American) from amazon. Worth a look.
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I have a HP9180 which I mostly love. You can get replacement ink from Hefger Media which is really good stuff and much cheaper than Epson or HP ink.
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I came here to recommend the Epson Stylus Photo R1900. I love mine!
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