Desperately Seeking Double Laptop Bag
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Can anybody recommend a laptop bag that will hold two laptops?

I have two laptops I need to carry but the problem is that they're both widescreen, so larger than your normal laptop and therefore don't fit a normal bag.

I carry all relevant cords, 2 small mice and misc. other items in the bag, so the roomier the better.

And of course, price is a concern, although not a dealbreaker.

I realize I may be asking for too much, but a "cute/pretty" bag wouldn't hurt either. (But I won't be too picky.)

Yes, I've Googled and looked around a bit but apparently my Google skills are failing me.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd suggest two laptop sleeves instead. Then you can use any bag that happens to be big enough. I don't know your price range, but these kick butt.
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this one holds my LARGE 17" sony VAIO, but could easily hold 2-3 smaller laptops...
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Yeah, I've got a backpack that has a specialized area for a laptop, but also a large area for books and such. I got a laptop sleeve and tossed my macbook in that compartment, and it works really well. Most laptop backpacks I've encountered are configured the same way.
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I just conducted a similar search and found a lot depended on application (work appropriate, etc) and on my height (some larger bags just aren't feasible). My favorite bags are actually backpacks from Swissgear, the Pegasus will hold a 17 inch widescreen in the laptop "pocket" and my 18.4 inch hdx18 in the main non-laptop compartment, a little stretching is required. The Synergy will do the same for 15.4 inch laptops. After years of getting asked "Are you going camping" I switched to a Militigiant 20. Pros: It's work appropriate (for me at least) and big. Affordable and pretty tough. Cons: Not a lot of pictures online... and it's big. We're talking large pizza delivery big. I looked the above mentioned alienware (messenger bag variation) I believe it's wider by an inch and shorter by 3, but in the end the chrome alien head put me off.
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I imagine the Timbuk2 Commute would do this. There's a separate area for one laptop (possibly two, depending on the sizes), but you could have one in the laptop-area and one in the main compartment I imagine.
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I feel like a broken record in bag threads, but as usual, I can recommend Tom Bihn. It looks like either the Brain Bag or the SuperEgo will work for you. Maybe the Smart Alec, too. They're very good about getting back to you on questions, too.
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I have a Booq bag which would easily fit two 15" widescreen (e.g. MacBook Pro) laptops. I might be replacing it very soon. It's not cute, nor pretty, but if you are interested in a good deal on it, drop me an email. (See profile.)
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Seconding Timbuk2 with two sleeves. Works great for me. You could use any messenger bag, of course.
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The Timbuk2 Marina would probably do it. It has an inner pocket for a 12" but the rest of the bag, I think, is large enough for 2x 15". I'd measure just in case. Otherwise, they're sturdy, well-made bags. You can probably even find a secondhand one online.
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I've got a Tenba Messenger - Large, which can take a 17" laptop plus a DSLR and a couple of lenses.

The bag comes with a padded removable insert for the camera+lenses with adjustable (via velcro) padded dividers - it should be no sweat to reconfigure to take another laptop plus accessories, or even remove entirely.

I bought mine from Calumet Photo, they're slightly cheaper than from Tenba directly. Service was speedy and efficient, although I had to phone in the order rather than do it online.
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Timbuk2 bags will work. Inside there is a laptop sleeve that should fit your 17", and then you can stick your other laptop in a neoprene sleeve in the outer portion. The bag will fit all of your cords easily. It's a very well-designed (and attractive) bag. I've 2 laptops, all of their cords, a camcorder and misc. papers in the bag.

By the way, 2 laptops in one bag (esp. 17") is pretty heavy, so maybe the Incase backpack is a better solution. I've fit 2 laptops and cords comfortably into there as well.

Both of these bags can be found on sale (especially older models).
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The chrome soma is big enough to fit two 17" laptops. It would work, and they are terrific bags.
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This one's half price, and is built like it'll last forever.
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