Something up in the Anti-Abortion World?
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Yesterday, for no reason known to me, anti-abortion demonstrators were out in force here in the east end of Pittsburgh. Did I miss something? Does April 28 signify something important? Was this happening in other parts of the country or world?

I can't remember the last time I saw anti-abortion protesters -- I was wondering if I missed some major ruling or anniversary.

I am hoping it's not a new Spring thing and/or that they are planning on making a habit of being out on many of the street corners I pass by. I respect their right to express their opinion, it just makes my blood boil.
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Obama's 100th day?
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It may have been reaction to the confirmation of Kathleen Sebelius as the head of Health and Human Services. She is pro-choice.
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Someone on LJ had the exact same question and it seems like it was just one of those days that they pop up.
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Is there a Planned Parenthood facility being built in the area? That usually brings 'em out.
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I'm pretty sure it was Sebelius's confirmation. Until this whole swine flu thing, the pro-choice issue was the only thing stalling her confirmation.
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Unixrat and kimdog probably have the answers. I know the anti-abortion people were really up-in-arms about Sebelius.
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Around here, we have a bunch of people rallying about the Obama-speaking-at-Notre-Dame thing. Then again, that's because I'm in South Bend. We've had a plane flying around pulling a photo of a 10 week abortion for the past three days.
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