Migrated MAPI Permissions?
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Exchange - How does it handle Outlook MAPI permissions when migrating users from one domain to another?

So the background is we've got two domains, Domain A and Domain B. Environments are all windows server 2003, Exchange 2003.

Currently users are on Domain A and have mailboxes there, we are migrating users to Domain B, disabling the Domain A account but leaving the mailboxes on Domain A. (This is not going to change for some time).

The accounts are moved over with sIDHistory maintained so NTFS permissions etc all work, the Domain A Mailbox permissions are set with the Domain B accounts as full access and associated external accounts.

My question is how do MAPI permissions work/carry over? If Bob Smith on Domain A has added Joe Bloggs using MAPI permissions to their outlook inbox, will this work once Joe Bloggs has been moved to Domain B?

The MAPI permissions are seperate from AD and I suspect don't check for sidhistory? Looking for confirmation on this.

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I'm not dead positive about it, but my initial reaction is to keep an eye on the global catalog servers. I think that f the user granted the permissions from their outlook client, it the permissions of those folders are saved in AD, so as long as there has been time for replication on the domain controllers to fully complete, it should work. But if Joe B has moved to domain B and can't see/access the same GC that Bob Smith on domain A is accessing, or at least identical information as that global catalog is using, I can see the permissions being borked.
What's the relationship between the respective GC's?
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Response by poster: After doing a bit of testing looks like there is no issue here, permissions added via the mapi clients do work fine for accounts in the migrated domain. No panic :)
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