Roasted crushed pecan glaze on your thighs?
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[grilling filter] A friend gave me a bottle of "Southern Pecan Pepper Glaze"... help me make the best dish with it...

My wife and I went to a friend's house for dinner and I was presented with a "Rose & Ivy" brand bottle of glaze. The bottle says: "An excellent grilling and dipping sauce". The friend's birthday is soon and I would like to make a nice dish with this stuff.

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of chicken thighs with roasted crushed pecans rolled inside... I need an acid for the marinade(?)... should I use this glaze for basting while the chicken is grilling or doctor it in some way for dipping??

Please continue in this direction of if you have a better idea, go with it! (Just not way over complicated, please.)

[Ingredients: Sugar, Sweet Peppers, Vinegar, Pecans, Pectin, Scotch Bonnet Butter - 9 fl. oz (270ml) bottle]
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If you grill with it, put it on in the last few minutes of cooking, otherwise the sugar will turn to carbon.
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Best answer: In a large ziplock bag, mix together:
1/4th of the glaze
1/4 cup of vinegar,
1/4 cup Frank's RedHot (or similar),
1 oz bourbon,
2 cloves of garlic, mashed with the side of a knife or bottom of a cup or whatever
and a pinch each of ground black pepper, salt, and dried thyme leaves (fresh ones if you grow them, but otherwise it's not worth the trouble.

add the chicken thighs to the bag, let out as much air as you can, and marinate for an hour in the fridge.

Toast your pecans, add a little salt and sugar, chop them up, and roll them inside the chicken thighs (maybe add some minced onion, about the same size as the pecan bits), and grill.

When the chicken is a minute from being done, brush on the glaze, turn over, glaze the other side, turn over, wait about 1 minute, then take off the grill.
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Response by poster: Nice work!

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