Who are these funny glam rockers?
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I give up! I know I saw a link to this silly glam rock band here or on the blue, but I can't find now and it's driving me NUTS!

The band was/is British, dates from the mid to late '90's, and starred in a series of over-the-top sequential videos for their thumping, anthemic T-Rexish/Queenish songs. They were very popular in the UK, at least for a few years.

And if anyone can recommend musical goofiness along those lines from other sources, it will be greatly appreciated. (This guy, for example.)
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Spacehog is the only one I can think of. They're an English glam rock band from the mid-1990s and Wikipedia says "heavily influenced by David Bowie, Queen, and T. Rex".
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Nope, sorry crapmatic. The band I'm thinking of is much campier. IIRC, the video series started with a space opera, the next ended on an island with a volcano and worshipful natives, and I'm pretty sure another was a pop x-mas song. The lead singer was really theatrical and adrogynous, and the guy didn't so much sing as caterwaul.
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Was it The Darkness, if so the lead singer Justin Hawkins now has a new band, who are equally as camp called Hot Leg
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That"s it! Thanks, the_epicurean!
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And in case anyone was wondering, this is the post I was thinking of: The Re Generation
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The Darkness' wonderful final album "One Way Ticket to Hell (and Back)" has been in my car cd player for well over a year now... whenever I wanna hear something catchy and pleasant that will cheer me up, it never fails to work... underrated stuff (with a sense of humor, as the album title implies), IMHO!
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I was going to say Earl Brutus - they were mid-90s glammy stuff. The Darkness are from the early 00s. But now you know!
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