Ideas for recipes that use BBQ sauce?
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I have a real kick-ass BBQ sauce I picked up in Texas that I want to use before it goes bad. Any suggestions for something good to make? I don't have use of a grill right now. I'm game for anything; any kind of meat, any veggies, anything. Thanks guys!
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Glaze some bratwurst with it and put it in the oven (or even a toaster oven). Chop down into 1" bits or serve whole, works well by itself or in a bun.
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You should try barbecue seitan. Basically just cut the seitan into hunks, saute a bit, then cover in sauce! We Texans love it!
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pork ribs - boil them first, then cut them up, cover them in sauce, and bake until reduced (in a covered pan if possible). mmm sauce-y.
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Mix it with a can of pork-n-beans and simmer on the stove until thick and yummy.
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get the pre-cubed firm tofu and bake it in a layer of the sauce for 45 minutes until it's borderline chewy/crunchy. fucking yum.
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I wonder if you could freeze your sauce in an ice-cube tray, and then store the cubes in a plastic bag until you have need of them? Thaw them with your microwave oven when the time comes.)

I've been doing that with taco meat, and it works really well.
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A roast, onion, potatoes, and carrots in a crock pot. Put the sauce over it when served.

Or sauce, chicken, cheese on a pizza

Or put the sauce on a burger skip the ketchup

some of the best ribs are braised in the oven... Check out Alton Browns method.
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put it and some li'l smokies in a crockpot, heat and enjoy.
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I use awesome barbeque style sauce along with casserole beef, lima beans, celery, leeks, onion, an apple and some capsicum ('bell pepper') to make a stunning stew in my crock pot.

If the sauce is awesome enough then pretty much any meat/veggie/bean/whatever combination will taste good with it crock-potted.
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li'l smokies are awesome.

also, if it isn't obvious, BBQ sauce goes well on sandwiches.
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Since the forecast was rain yesterday, and we had company last night, yesterday morning my wife took a couple chicken breasts and a bottle of sauce in the crockpot while we were at work. After work, she shredded the chicken and let it cook another hour. Presto - best damn sloppy joes EVAR!
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Use it on a ham or turkey sandwich
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My famous Inside-Outside BBQ chicken.

Cut chicken into strips (for quicker boiling)
Boil chicken
Next I usually cut the cooked strips into smaller pieces (think cubes)
Throw the cubes into a pan and cover with BBQ sauce.

*also works great with sausage (no boiling required just cut/cook/cover with sauce).

Out of curiosity what sauce did you pick up?
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If you have an oven, then you have a broiler. A broiler is just an upside-down grill (more or less). Barbecue away!
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BBQ sauce, any random meat cut into bite size pieces, cheese, cilantro between two quesadillas makes a very tasty dish.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions everyone, thanks! I think I may go the slow-cooking route, and save some for sandwiches...yum.

The sauce is from Salt Lick BBQ near Austin. Best sauce ever. I bought four bottles of it and I'm down to the last bottle (it expires in June). I was getting sick of eating it with baked chicken!
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Oooo slow cooker left over sandwiches are awesome. You could also use the left overs in quesadillas, yum. I need to go make dinner now.
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just in case you hadn't checked you can purchase directly.
Not sure where you are located but while temporarily transplanted from TX to CT I stumbled upon some fantastic BBQ sauce that definitely made the 7 years go by quicker - Stubbs. Keep an eye out the next time you're in the grocery store.
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