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StainFilter: So, I've seen plenty of questions about getting wax off clothing, but what about the dark stain it leaves behind?

I recently had an incident involving candle wax and my favorite pair of khaki pants. I immediately threw the pants into the freezer and the wax came off easily, but I haven't been so lucky with the dark, blotchy stain – what I can only assume is residual from the dirty, oily wax.

I've washed the pants multiple times, pre-treating with Spray 'N' Wash and things like that. I'm wondering if there's any methods and/or chemical treatments I can use to get rid of the stain (or at least fade it slowly over multiple washes)?

Thanks in advance!
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I would think the "put a paper towel on top of the stain and iron it to melt the wax which is then absorbed by the paper towel" trick would work better than freezing. Wouldn't you just be pulling off the wax on top of the fabric (and not the wax that has been absorbed) when you freeze it?
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It's essentially a grease stain. I'd saturate the stain with Dawn dishwashing liquid (it has to be Dawn) and let it sit for about eight minutes, then wash it in the washing machine.
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Might try the iron-out method, where you use paper towels and a hot iron to let the wax melt and absorb into the paper towel. Or you'll have to look at solvents, there's one here called Un-Du Candle Wax Remover.
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One of those sprays, the ones that have a solvent, start wet and dry powdery white (like k2r), will remove oil. It's the only thing I've ever found that really works on oily stains. Then wash to get the powder out. Or take it to a dry cleaner and they'll do it for you.
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you could try pouring some steaming hot water from the back side, then blot off with paper towel. I'll second that its basically a grease stain. I got wax out of some bed sheets with lots of hot hot water and rinses with white vinegar (which is really good at degreasing). Denatured alcohol might be a good solvent to try out also, but test a spot.
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One thing to keep in mind, since you're working with khaki-- many khaki dyes are very easy to degrade or discolor. Work with the gentlest options first. Don't go straight to powerful solvents with this one.
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I don't know what kind of solvents you have on hand, but here is some information on wax solubility:
  • "[Paraffin] is ... soluble in ether, benzene, and certain esters."
  • "[Bees] wax can be dissolved in turpentine."
  • Wax Solubility

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    If you can find a Spray n' Wash Stain Stick, it's a gentle solution that may be enough. I have not yet found a single stain that doesn't come out with this stuff, although I haven't tested it yet on wax.
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    (D'oh! You mention using Spray n' Wash, but was that the spray or the stick? I've had lousy success with sprays, but the stick is amazing.)
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    Khakis will indeed discolor at the slightest provocation. I've even destroyed pairs just by pretreating! I'd try the iron-out method first.
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