I'm not asking you to do my research for me buuuuut....
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Emergency Research Materials Needed: Due to not being an adult about things I now have to write a quick story set during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. And I have to finish it by Sunday. Yes, I've already read Wikipedia.

I've got some knowledge of Indian/British politics and daily life of the time period, but I'd like more. Cause of the time limit, I'm leaning more towards shorter or more digestible accounts of the period. What are some good websites focused on the 1850s in India? What articles should I read? Where do I even find them?

Anything about daily life or habits would be greatly appreciated
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You've got plenty of time. Go to the library, look up one of the many books that probably have been written on the topic. Sorry, I don't have any specifics, but really, you've practically got an entire week
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My first thought is, do an advanced search on Google Books and find some actual 19th century stories from that event, maybe even diaries. (Note the "publication date" search option.) Depending on the situation, maybe you could even directly use something like that rather than writing your own.
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Well, the obvious question, you may have read Wikipedia but have you tried the 15 or so 'external links' at the bottom of the Wikipedia article? And if you feel like going to a library, the same article has dozens of books and histories and fictional works you could try.
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This might be useful listening.
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This is where I have to wrtie "poor research skills!" on a blackboard all day. I always forget Google Books exists.

Notquitemaryann: that article looks fascinating, thanks!
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For some damn entertaining historical fiction set during the Sepoy mutiny, get (purchase or check out from the library) Flashman In The Great Game. I have no idea how hoistorically accurate the Flashman books are, but they always feel realistic.
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Go to a research library. A college one for example, stay there and read until you know what you are talking about.
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Ghalib lived in Delhi during the Mutiny.
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Go to a library. Even a small community center-sized one will have so much more (and be so much better) than wikipedia.
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This seems like the perfect question to ask a librarian.
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Perhaps have a look at Niall Ferguson's "Empire", a condensed and readable history of the British empire; you can obviously focus on the Indian section. I felt that this gave a good overview of the time and place.

'Kim' by Rudyard Kipling is also a good resource since he (Kipling) was in India during that time. Yes, I know, you don't have time to read the whole thing. But that's OK. Reading the first dozen pages or so will give a good insight into the sights, sounds and smells of the time and place.

And make a resolution to plan ahead.
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If you can find it, try getting the DVD of Mangal Pandey: The Rising. It's a Bollywood movie based on the central figure of the 1857 Revolution, and should give you a feel for the period. Also, try searching for 'Revolt of 1857.' That's what it's called here in India, and will likely get you less Brit-centred links than 'Sepoy Mutiny.'

Other than that, yeah, a librarian's your best bet. Or, depending on where you live, a bookstore in the Indian section of town might be of help.

Good luck!
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