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How do clear purchased but unwanted items off my iTunes "Downloads Available" list? Ever time I launch the application, it automatically starts downloading unwanted HD versions of tv episodes.

Macworld's forums has a good formulation of this exact question. As a note, I've tried deleting/fiddling with the "list.plist" file in the "Downloads" folder; every time I restart iTunes, though, the file just recreates itself.

OSX, if relevant.

Thank you, brainy/techy ones!
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This forum question from the apple site indicates there's not much you can do.
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Hmmm. that link didn't work out. Basically, you can either download the episodes completely and delete them or contact iTunes support and they'll remove them from your list. There may be a better answer, but for me, I did the download/delete thing (it was only songs for me, though).
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bluefly: that link is not loading for me?

whitewall: what happens when you right-click (or option click) on the title of the TV show subscription you are wanting to delete? Are you wanting no-more of the tv series at all, or just not wanting the HD versions? Is this a paid subscription, or a free one?

I haven't purchased any television subscriptions with iTunes, but do have more than one free video podcast subscription. All of those have a "settings" button, but that may not be what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: The resolution: I emailed iTunes support, initially reporting the probem as "Accidently bought a product on the iTunes store." They deleted the files within 24 hours. So that's three months of minor aggravation taken care of in 5 minutes! Thanks, Green!
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