What are my facebook notes doing in Italy?
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Why are strangers (especially Italians??) reading my facebook notes?

I'm totally cool with it--I love that even more people are reading the updates from my blog. But why on earth is it that when facebook imports my notes, total strangers from around the world start commenting? I don't want it to stop! I just want to know!
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If you and I aren't friends, but you tagged my friend Sally in a "note," I can go to Sally's profile, then --> one of Sally's notes --> "Notes about Sally" --> your note where you tagged Sally --> "Comment."
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Response by poster: What if I haven't tagged anyone?
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Are these people friends of mutual friends? They can see your notes (depending on your privacy settings I think). Interestingly, an acquaintance of mine (who happens to be Italian) did not understand that things that come on your newsfeed are differen than things that come up on your wall, so they responded to everything as if it was personally directed at them. So double check these commenters for mutual friends.
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Perhaps some word or combo of words or mispelled word is a frustrating search term in Italian and hence they are googling you thinking it is something else?
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Do you have your privacy settings set so that friends of friends can view your content? It's possible to do this.

MesoFilter: He specifically said he wants this to continue.

ian1977: Posting a Facebook note doesn't cause it to come up in Google search results.
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