Cartoon illustrating absorption versus adsorption
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Years ago, I saw a cartoon using images of a man and a pie to illustrate the difference between absorption (man eats pie) and adsorption (man gets hit in face with pie). Anybody have a link to a copy?

It was a simple black-and-white line drawing with two panels, one for absorption and one for adsorption. Probably from some science magazine or professional society periodical...
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Best answer: Well this is the cartoon, though I dunno if it's the original source.
posted by jedicus at 3:56 PM on April 27, 2009

Response by poster: That's it! Maybe I just saw a black-and-white photocopy...
posted by mr_roboto at 3:56 PM on April 27, 2009

Here's one, but not the one you described.
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oops. Should have previewed.
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