How best to record a computer-based training with audio?
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Help me avoid needlessly repeating the same information over and over! Seeking something along the lines of a webinar utility to record computer-based trainings.

I work for an organization that relies on volunteers to answer phones and conduct intakes. Each time we have a new batch of volunteers or interns, I or another staff member must acquaint them with our intake and eligibility procedures. I'd like to be able to record a training so that the trainees can sit at a workstation and listen to my audio spiel while watching "me" navigate through the relevant forms and documents on the screen.

I know that webinar software comes close to what I need. However, the webinar solutions are expensive, especially considering that we will not be taking advantage of the key feature of a webinar (namely, live online participation.) Is there a simple, free or low-cost utility that allows you to record audio while capturing whatever is happening on your computer screen? My overworked vocal cords thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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Best answer: CamStudio is open source; there are other similar programmes listed here.
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Adobe Captivate is expensive, but I believe there is a 30-day trial.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Screencasting is exactly what I need.
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I have used both ScreenFlow and Snapz Pro X to record tutorials for the Mac. Both are reasonably priced, work as described and have trial demos available.
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A free screencasting alternative would be: Jing
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A lot of my colleagues use Camtasia which just captures your screen with audio. I have used Captivate, which is more expensive but allows you to edit all kinds of stuff, which can be a negative (when is it done? never)
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We used Camtasia and I would recommend it. Very easy to use but powerful.
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Another free option: Webinaria.
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