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"please type your email address in this box to receive an emailed link to download my portfolio" how do i do this? bonus points for wordpress plugin.
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Um. Sorry to be contradictory, but why not link directly to your portfolio? Assuming that it's in Word or PDF format, Google will then find it and index it; if IP concerns are an issue, you could always try to throw some DRM on the file. (Not that I feel the latter is a solution, but its better than having a potential employer fill out a form to see your portfolio... it's something you should be giving away, not making an employer jump through hoops to get).
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If the file is always going to be in the same place, any contact form plugin with an auto-reply feature should work if you create a form with only the email field.
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@Bora Horza Gobuchul: i understand, am trying to find a way of finding out WHO it is that wants to look at me portfolio. gAnalytics can tell me how many, but not who.

but you might be right, another hoops might put people off. alternatively, only those that really want to se my portfolio will do it?
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We use AWeber to track who downloads our free Foreclosure Defense ebook ( ) and there's an AWeber sign-in plugin for WP available.

AWeber charges us US$19 per month and lets you send follow-up emails and such. The WP plugin is seamless and can be used as a sidebar widget.
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I know this really wasn't the question initially, but I'd put in my vote for,

but you might be right, another hoops might put people off

If you are looking for work, you really need to make it as easy for people to get as possible. You could make a form AFTER they download that says "please tell me about yourself (optional)," but the bottom line is, if they like your work you will hear from them and if they don't, you won't. I know the feeling but there's really nothing you can do to control their reaction.
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Are you kidding? If potential employers want to look at your stuff, LET THEM LOOK AT YOUR STUFF. There are thousands of designers on the web who aren't trying to pull this crap. Famous designers and photographers don't pull this kind of nonsense, what makes you think it'll fly with you? Why would you even care about every single person looking at your work?

Do not do this. It gives a terrible first impression, either that you're clueless or self absorbed or a control freak. I work as an Art Director and if I saw a potential hire trying this I'd remember them solely as someone never to work with or hire.
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This is a bad idea for two reasons: it could scare away potential clients and Google won't index your portfolio.

Each step is a chance for the user to change their mind, and you're not adding one step. At the least they have to check their email and download an attachment, at the worse they have to download a reader or wait until they get to their home or office if they don't have email access where they are.

There are ways to get Google to see your portfolio even if others can't, but if they see what you're up to you could get penalized, and that's even less potential clients.

Basically you're saying "my control is more important than being hired" and that's silly.
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Yeah, I have to agree 99% of people out there are not going to bother typing in their email address. For one thing, entering an email address on a form is a great way to get spammed (of course, these days spam filters are much better, and spammers find addresses anyway). For another thing, it's annoying.
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I don't care how good you are. I've got 400 resumes in my inbox. If I have to jump through extra hoops just to view your portfolio, you're not getting an interview.
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@all: fair enough. saw it on a web designers website and though it was a good idea; you could go through all his stuff online and then download a PDF after entering your name.

thanks for your honest responses.
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