Yahoo Log-in Problems
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Yahoo Mail Log-in Issues: I am having new Yahoo Log-in issues that started suddenly on FireFox . I am not new to Firefox or Yahoo but never experienced this before. I have been forced to switch to IE (version 8) where I initially did not have the problems, but the same problem may now be starting on I.E. as well. I use McAfee and I am on XP

Suddenly, every time I tried to acess my yahoo email from firefox, I would be prompted to enter my password. Very Annoying. Then one day (Not sure if it was something I did trying to fix the aforementioned problem or not) I would put in my password when prompted and be thrown right back to the "enter password "screen. I did not get a message that the pssword was wrong or unrecognized (as happened when I put in a wrong password), it just wouldn't take me anywhere but the enter password screen. I tried changing my password, but had the same problem with the new password. I tried uninstalling Firefox and re-loading it, same problem. The problem did not happen when I used I.E. So, frustrated, I upgraded to I.E. 8 and started using that as my default browser. It was fine for a few days. Now all of the sudden while on I.E., I am again being prompted to log in every time I want to get my email (yes, I have "leave me logged in for 2 weeks" checked). I am worried that I will get locked out of I.E. soon too. Currently, my password works and I can log in, (from I.E. but not Firefox), but I get prompted for a password each time I want to access my mail. I do not have this problem when I access it from my cell phone or from any browser on a different computer, which leads me to believe something is going on with my McAfee? HELP! (but speak slowly, I am mildly technology-challened)
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I'm not very familiar with IE, but in Firefox, go to Edit>Preferences>Security and check the box next to Remember passwords for sites. You could also select Use a master password right below it. Under Privacy, be sure to uncheck the box next to Always clear my private data when I close Firefox, and be sure to set it to keep cookies until they expire.
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Thanks, Marisa. Everything you mentioned was already done except "keep cookies until they expire" which I selected after reading your answer. I then tried to log on to yahoo from the Log-in screen and again, that just led me to the "enter password" screen over and over no matter how many times I entered the correct password. There is no error message, it just keeps bringing me back to the enter password screen. Any other ideas?
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That's very bizarre. The only other thing that springs to mind is signing in to Yahoo messenger, if you have it, and then clicking the e-mails notification link. Beyond that I'm really not sure, but I'll post if I can think of something.
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The same thing happened to me with Firefox a few months ago (it did eventually let me log in, but was unreliable), and I still haven't figured out why. Eventually I just gave up and choose the "keep me logged in" option. Now the problem seems to have gone away.

So no ideas except patience.
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Actually, something else occured to me - if you're using the newest version of Yahoo mail, have you tried switching back to "classic mail" via the link on the Yahoo mail page?
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