Recommend me a really good toolbox.
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Recommend me a really good toolbox. You know, the kind you put tools in.

I want to replace my crappy toolkit with a well thought-out, high quality toolbox that will last. Everything I've looked at so far sucks - plastic junk. Help? What toolbox do you love?

Awhile ago I was looking at mefi's own's website and came across the toolbox design - and loved it. The notion of "first-order retrievability" was finally articulating for me what I found annoying about digging around in the bottom of my toolbox.

So something commercially available that approximates adam's design - maybe with some sort of mechanism for upright storage of tools - would be really cool. Or some other design that has had some thought put into the usability. Please don't limit yourselves to any particular sort of thing if you have something cool up your sleeve!

Also, it should be good sized, but not too large - this kind of thing is too much. Any hope out there?
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I'm not the most organized type... never was one for putting all the tools back in their spots.

This has worked out great for me.
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If you want an indestructible tool box, get this:

If you want a great tool bag, get this. I have one, it really cuts down on carrying weight, the light weight nature of the bag means you can carry more tools easily. Comes in a few different sizes. Read the amazon customer reviews...
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Are you transporting these tools? What kind of tools? How many tools? Does it just need to live in your garage or closet?

I use tools almost exclusively at work, so this response will come from that perspective. Until I started riding a motorcycle, I used a bag like this. Duluth Trading Company has tons of similar items, and their quality is great. This seems like it'd be a really good option for you.

These days, since bike portability has become key, I throw my standard tool belt, a pouch of extra tools, a screw gun/charger, a multimeter and my harness if it's a climbing gig into a messenger bag and tank bag. At home all this stuff lives in a Craftsman 4 drawer tool chest, but that seems like it'll be too much for you.
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I've had good results from my Veto Pro Pac bag. All the tools are vertical, stay in place when I'm driving around, and are easily accessible when I unzip the sides. The handle is pretty good, as is the shoulder strap- very comfortable.

They have a few different models, so you can size it to fit your needs.
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My grandfather had two Kennedy Kits - model 520. I have them now. These are very excellent. I didn't find them on the Kennedy web site, perhaps a closer look will find them.
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Response by poster: thanks for all the responses so far - to answer mollymayhem: my tools are generally things for car and bike repair, or electronics work. the majority of my stuff (socket sets, special purpose tools, gauges, crimp tools, etc) lives in a couple of dedicated tool chests in the little storage room/shop underneath my apartment.

but, i also have a general-purpose portable toolbox (18" x 6" x 6") filled with the most commonly-used basics (screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, vise grips, a multimeter, variety of fuses, needlenose pliers, some cable ties, etc) that i normally leave at home, but can take with me if i need. it's both overfull and falling apart - that's the one i'm looking to replace.
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Snap-on-tools has the best tool boxes: fire engine red metal, with shiny chrome fittings, lockable, in any size imaginable. Run to your friendly mechanic, borrow the catalog, and ask when the Snap-on truck is due .
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Another vote for Kennedy gear: well-built, durable, and organized. I found two at an antique store, purchased one, and returned for the second the next morning -- to find it gone already! They're awesome.
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I've got a few toolboxes, some bought and some I've made. None of them are perfect, but the jobs get done.

But I've always lusted for a Hazet 166N. There's one on Ebay now, but I just can't justify getting another toolbox.
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