Need teh strawberries.
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Fresh strawberries in Chapel Hill / Carrboro on Sunday?

Yes, I should have gotten some yesterday. Where can I get some local strawberries today?
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You could try picking your own, but it looks like most of them are closed on Sundays. You might try calling ones that don't have their hours listed to see if they are open.
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Looks like the State Farmers' Market at the fairgrounds in Raleigh is open Sundays. here's an Indy article listing a bunch of farmers' markets.
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Call Weaver Street to see if they have any local berries in stock.
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One other idea: if you want to buy enough strawberries to make it worthwhile for the farmer, you could try finding a list of farmers participating in your favorite market, then contact individual farmers that are nearby & selling strawberries.
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Yeah, I'd go with pick your own if it weren't for the fact that they're probably already picked out by now. The Weav may have some as noted above. If you do go to the state farmer's market, beware that not all their goods are actually local.
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Jean's at the corner of 751 and Lewter Shop Road -- several miles south of SouthPoint -- always seems to attracts folks. You can pick your own or just buy the berries. Closed today, tho.
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The closest PYO farm that I know of to Chapel Hill is Buckwheat Farm in Apex. It is about 18 miles. We do some of our research there, so I can attest to the quality of Karma's berries. I'm sure there are some PYO farms that are closer, I just don't know of them.

Like the other poster said, they any PYO is probably picked out for the day. It is best to get there early, and go on a weekday while everybody else is at work. The best time to pick is around 10am on a sunny day... this will give you the sweetest, tastiest strawberry. Don't buy them in a store, they are terrible compared to what you can get in a field at the peak of ripeness.

(I grow organic strawberries for my research in Goldsboro)
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Stewriffic's comment deserves some clarification. Yes, not everything at the farmer's market is local but everything under the outdoor pavilion most definitely IS. Everything that the farmers sell they grow themselves -- it's in the regulations. Only the stuff sold indoors is not necessarily local (but some of that is local, too). I am talking about the market in Raleigh, but the same rules apply to all state farmer's markets.
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