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File Management Filter - I'm looking for a piece of software (Windows XP / preferably free), that will:

1 - Create directories on a daily or weekly basis (i.e. 2211, 2311, 2411) to store downloaded files, and/or: 2 - Move the 'oldest' set of files to a subdirectory - or CD/DVD archive

Any ideas?
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OK, perhaps overkill, but if you've got UNIX scripting experience, why not grab cygwin and write a nice little shell script to do this?

Other than that, I'm sure it can be done using windows scripting, but I have no further advice on that specific route.
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If you go here there's a windows script to create a new directory with a name based upon the date. The moving of older files I'd probably do with a batch file (because I'm still getting to grips with WSH), using the task scheduler to call one or both.
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You could use Kixtart to run a script via your scheduler. Alternatively you could create a VB Script although I think Kix is easier if you're new to these things.

For example to create the folders in Kix you might want something like this (untested):

$day = substr(@date,9,2)
$month = substr(@date,5,2)
$foldername = $day + $month

md $foldername

If you need the script to download the files too then you can download wget and then use the shell command to call it.
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