Small, Hip Wedding Venues in Seattle
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Seattle wedding venues for a June 2010 wedding?

Seattle wedding venue suggestions, please!

We are looking at a smallish wedding venue (80 people) in Seattle for a Sunday evening wedding in June 2010. I've seen this thread and like the suggestions, but our criteria are slightly different. This would be for a short ceremony and then dinner.

We are looking for:
>> inexpensive -- hopefully less than $1000 for the venue.
>> in the city preferred -- we really don't want to do a wedding in Bellevue or Lynnwood unless the place is really beautiful.
>> has an inexpensive caterer OR allows for self-catering.
>> a nice venue -- no hotels
>> no outdoors-only venues.

So far, we've liked the bath house at Golden Gardens Park, but feel like it might be a little too public (right on the beach by the volleyball nets).

We realize that this is asking a lot, but I figure it's worth a shot to see what the hive mind says.
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I got married in the chapel at Pike Place Market. It's right upstairs from the pig. Great place for a small-ish group.
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The Chinese Room at the top of the Smith Tower.
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I don't know if students at the UW can reserve the Center for Urban Horticulture grounds and meeting room, but staff can. That's where I got married, and I think it meets all your criteria. If students can't reserve it, maybe you can get a faculty advisor to reserve it on your behalf. It's a great place for a wedding.
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Best answer: Looks like students are ok: "For social events, the person making the room reservation request must be a UW student, alumnus, staff member, or have an immediate family member that meets one of these criteria."
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And, uh, at the risk of being entirely too enthusiastic, here's a google map of the site with some annotations about how my wife and I used the space. Drop me a line if you'd like a link to our photos for a sense of what the site looks like in late August.
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How about the Aquarium? My partner was a best man for his best friend's wedding: they were married in the underwater dome.
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Here's the info page. I don't know what it costs, though.
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It's not fancy, but my church (wait! come back! it's Unitarian!) is pleasant, inexpensive, almost in Seattle, and has indoor and outdoor areas. No caterer, but I'm sure you can bring in your own.
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Oh, wait. I just noticed "hip" in the title. My church is not hip. Welcoming and attractive, but not hip.
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Best answer: We got married at Columbia City Theater last year and had our catering done by Tutta Bella, the high-end Neopolitan-style pizza place next door. I think the site rental was $500, there's a bar in front of the theater, and the catering bill for 150 people was $2000 (not including the bar tab). If you're comfortable with the idea of a non-traditional venue and are willing to do a little decorating to prep the venue, it's a really great deal. The theater itself is beautiful, and you can tell your friends you got married in a club where Jimi Hendrix used to play.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Hades and ga$money, those look like great venues. I may be emailing you for more info...
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A little more than you probably want to sepnd - $2000 and it has to be a Friday - but we had both our ceremony and reception at the Century Ballroom, and it worked out really well for us.
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Gah, somehow I missed that the date had already been set. Good luck anyway!
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I was recently at a wedding at a fantastic venue in Pike Place called "Top of the Market" (this may be the same place cmtf is referring to). It's a gorgeous smaller venue, right upstairs from the fish throwers and the pic, with a great view of Elliott Bay at Sunset. It was a great venue, and seems very similar to the criteria you list.

Don't know exact costs, but I know that my friends who got married there were looking for a relatively inexpensive place, and I believe they used their own caterers. I think the wedding was ~75 people. Hope this helps!
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I recently attended a wedding at Golden Gardens. I didn't think it was too public at all -- that part of the park is pretty empty in the evening.
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