Oklahoma blackjack info?
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How can I find out which Indian casinos in Oklahoma do NOT charge an ante?

Most of them charge an ante (a small per-hand fee, typically $1 or less), but a few have spans of hours or days every week in which they do NOT charge an ante. Can you tell me what times and which casinos these are?
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Here's a list of casinos in Oklahoma, with their phone numbers. In my experience, most casinos are very helpful in explaining their gaming rules, because they want you to come in an enjoy yourself. And if they're not helpful over the phone, then you'll know not to go there.

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Choctaw Casino in Pocola, OK (right on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma) has no antes on Monday through Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm through the month of June.
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Ante is, in my (fairly large) experience, a contribution to the pot from every player in a given hand--rarer, though hot unheard of, in hold'em style games with blind bets. That money goes to the winner of the hand.

I think the term you want to ask about, when you call them up, is "rake". This is a fee (generally flat rate, or flat rate plus percentage) taken out of every pot and given to the casino. You want to know if there are times where the house does not take a rake.

In my experience, there are often casinos that do not take a rake. However, they then get their taste by charging you a seat fee (by the hour or the half-hour, usually).

Which ones in OK? I haven't lived there since I was five...
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Netzapper, most reservation casinos in OK do charge an "ante" to play blackjack. You're probably not familiar with it because it's so very annoying that most places that don't charge it. It's not termed a "rake" because in blackjack you're playing against the house. The house always wins in the long run. That's why the "ante" is so annoying.

Gaming rules and promotions (e.g. no antes) can change rather quickly, especially in the reservation casinos. I'd call ahead before every trip.
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