Can I connect this monitor cable to a new Mac Mini?
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I'd like to connect an old monitor I have to the latest Mac Mini with whatever adapters Apple has available. Here is a pic of the connector.

If it helps, the cable on the connector reads "AWM E101344 STYLE 20276 VW-1 80 C 30V DVI DIGITAL SINGLE LINK SPACE SHUTTLE-C"

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The Mac Mini probably has a DVI output (what your picture shows).

The old monitor probably has a VGA input.

You need a DVI to VGA adapter like this one. This is a short cable that plugs into the DVI port of the Mac & lets you plug a VGA cable into to run to the monitor.

Mac Mini -> DVI to VGA adapter -> VGA cable -> old monitor.
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Your monitor has a DVI connector.

The Mac Mini has two video outputs: Mini-DVI and Mini-DisplayPort. It comes with a Mini-DVI to (full) DVI adapter.

If you're buying this Mac Mini new, you won't need anything extra, just what comes in the box.
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Your monitor is digital DVI. According the this page, the mac mini comes with a mini dvi to dvi adapter. You should be all set. /on preview Tomorrowful has it.
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if that cable you posted a picture of is from the monitor, then you have a DVI connection. the older VGA connector is about 3/4ths the size of the DVI one and doesn't have the metal bar-type deal in the connector. (and, they're usually colored blue nowadays.)

Mac Minis have mini-DVI and mini-DisplayPort on the latest models. if you have a brand-new Mac Mini, you get a mini-DVI to DVI adapter in the box. if you don't have one for whatever reason, buy this, though if you just bought a new one from Apple and it didn't come with the cable, you might want to ask them about that.

older Mac Minis have a normal DVI port on them, so if you've got one of those, you just plug the monitor in.
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The Mac Mini probably has a DVI output (what your picture shows).

No, that's the cable coming from the old monitor. This is the back of a Mac mini.

You just need to connect the monitor to the Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter that comes with the Mac mini. Then plug the Adapter into the Mini-DVI port.
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Am I missing something? That's a DVI connector. The new Mac Mini has a Mini DVI and a Mini DisplayPort--you would need a DVI-->Mini DVI adaptor. According to the Apple tech specs page for the new Mac Mini, such a connector is included. So the only adaptor you need is a credit card that adapts your money to Apple's money.
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Great. Thanks, guys!
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If a monitor with a DVI input on it counts as old, I'm Methuselah.
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