Bike parts from India
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It is so tantalizing to be able to see the produce of the the large manufacturers of bicycles in India via their web pages, yet not have any access in quantities less than a fully loaded container. Does anyone know of a local bike shop in India, at least connected to email, who will ship small amounts of bike parts by mail out of the country? It seems to me a local shop would have access through the normal distribution channels to parts from the big companies in small quantities. This stuff is vital to repairing old British bikes, there being virtually no domestic manufacture there anymore. I know that there exists lots out there from bikes that have been parted out, but finding who has it when you need it is difficult.
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My first thought was to find an India import shop and ask the owner if s/he would let you buy a cubic meter in the next container. The owner might have an agent or a manager in India who can sort out the buying there for a fee.

Also, are you in the UK? Isn't half the school-age population traveling in India during their gap year? They could ship stuff back to you. Or anyone on a RTW ticket is bound to stop in India. Or you could go yourself...
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You may want to see what you can find via Ali Baba.
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