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Quiz Resources. I've been roped into producing the annual works quiz night. Any Quiz setters here? What resources do you use?
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It's getting so much harder since the invention of google.

Q: What is the largest hood ornament ever included as standard equipment on a production automobile?

A: The dinner-plate sized "VW" logo on the front of a Volkswagon bus.
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I usually work backwards. Find the topics first and then create the questions. Google random words and phrases and see where it takes you. If its for work, you can surf all day!

“The Daily Mirror Book of Facts: Did You Know”:

“The World’s Loudest Bottom Burp”
The World’s Stickiest Bogey”

-- God I miss the Young Ones
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I am enamoured of Schott's Original Miscellan
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a lot of cheesy trivia sites have good stuff, if you dig around.
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