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I took Accutane a couple years ago and it left my scalp & hair very dry, and the hairs themselves very limp. This is especially true in the wintertime. Can anyone recommend a good, non-hair-damaging product out there that will moisturize and mold the hair without giving it that overly "wet" appearance?
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Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom is the single greatest hair care product ever invented. There's a lighter version if your hair is thinner.
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I have dry/coarse hair. I've recently started using Fructis' shampoo/conditioner combo. My hair is much softer and shinier and my scalp doesn't seem to be overly dry. It looks a little more "flat" (less body, I guess), but definitely not wet or greasy looking.
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Have you tried a waxy pomade? Look for one that doesn't have any alcohol in it. I like a product made by Rumble Boy that comes in a stick. There's also a Paul Mitchell pomade that I like that's made with tea tree oil; it doesn't have nearly as much hold but it does feel like it moisturizes.

You might want to avoid conditioning your hair if you're worried about it being too limp.
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Another Kiehl's recommendation here. My hair is long, and the ends tend to get dry between trims. My all-time favorite hair-management product is Kiehl’s leave-in conditioner, applied after my hair is dry. I apply a tiny amount to the ends only, and it makes them glossy and lie much better than if I hadn’t used it.

More preventative methods for treating dry or limp hair and scalp would include making sure you’re drinking plenty of water, as well as getting enough vitamins, including calcium. Biotin is also supposed to help give hair and nails a boost as well; it might be worthwhile to look into a low-dose supplement.
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I highly recommend Aquage Transforming Paste. I use it every day with no ill effects on hair or scalp.
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Your local hair salon should be able to sell you a professional moisturising shampoo. Pricey, but usually better than shop-bought, I find.
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For finishing, may I suggest The Body Shop's Define & No Frizz? It moisturizes and gives just the right amount of styling ability (for me anyway), while feeling like there's nothing in your hair. Excellent stuff, that.
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Salon recommendations aside, I've been using Aussie Moist for 7 years straight. The stuff works wonders- my hair is always soft and lustrous, and there's never been build-up. I started using it for the same reason, too- I was on Accutane and it had the same effect on me.

Now I use it just because I love how my hair feels.
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The only hair products men should every use are the aforementioned Kiehls, Aveda Anti-hummectant, and Murray's Hairdressing Pomade.
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Always read Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me and related sites and books by Paula Begoun.

Also, see a dermatologist to verify your claim that the Accutane caused your dry hair.
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