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Please recommend some sites to me that are focused on art and design and are technology-friendly to boot.


I am looking for sites (blogs or online magazines or similar) which have design and/or art as their focus, but which are tech-friendly in those areas and where it wouldn't be surprising to read about an unusual or well-designed UI along with good industrial design examples or art installations. Which are your favorites? Disclosure: I'm asking a) because I adore that kind of site and always want to find more, and b) because I think there is a possibility that sites with that focus might be interested in a project of mine.

Thank you very much!
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Best answer: Myartspace
Urban Collective
Doc Ozone
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Best answer:
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Best answer: We Make Money, Not Art
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Best answer: Rhizome at the New Museum
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Best answer: Fontblog is affiliated with Erik Spiekermann, who designed the Nokia pixel font (in addition to being the funniest dude in Helvetica, if you recall). It's in German but I'm pretty sure I've read some technology based snippets.

Kitsune Noir has a focus on a very particular style in a wide variety of areas (fashion, design, package design, industrial design, music) and I've mos def seen him call out companies just for having a slick website.

Informational Aesthetics is data porn.
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Best answer: Industrial design: Core77
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Response by poster: So far so great! Some I know and love, some are new, and all of them so far have been delightful to spend time browsing through. Thanks and keep 'em coming!
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Best answer: Neural magazine/website
Rhizome and WMMNA, mentioned above
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Best answer: Icon Magazine leans more toward architecture and design than strictly art.
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