How do I get iTunes to stop downloading?
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How can I remove unwanted downloads from my iTunes queue so they won't get in the way of the stuff I do want?

Every time I buy an HD version of a TV program from iTunes, I get saddled with the SD download as well. It's very considerate and all, but I actually don't want those versions. Now, every time I connect to the store to try and get a different program, the store automatically resumes all the TV downloads I keep trying to stop. It's getting to where I can't clear those out of the way and iTunes is telling me that my disk is full.

How do I stop this? I just wanna get some copies of Mad Men to watch with my gf tonight, and would like the Lost episodes I've already seen to step out of the way.
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On the downloads page you can drag the items to a different order.... If you don't have an X to the right to cancel then I don't know what's happening. Screenshot?

(disclaimer - I've just done podcast downloads, not tv show downloads so this might be different)
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Response by poster: Ah, man -- responding here after a month of no answers. I don't think anyone really seems to know ...
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