unsettling ambient music?
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Looking for something along the lines of the theme to the movie Halloween, the Dark Knight Soundtrack or the background music to this amazing commercial

Nothing with words, no thrasher metal, nothing atonal or screechy. Just soft, creepy ambient music. A clear, heavy beat might be nice but isn't necessary. Thanks!
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You should check out Akira Yamaoka's work for the Silent Hill game series.
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A few selections of Yamaoka's work:

Terror in the Depths of Fog, Ashes and Ghost, Breeze, In Monochrome Night, Heads No. 2, Fukuro (not actually from a game; from a bonus disc).
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(And that's not an error, "Breeze, In Monochrome Night" is one title)
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Nightmare Lodge..they even did an update of the Halloween Theme. MP3 stream

I'd also recommend O Yuki Conjugate. Here's a YouTube link to their track Sunchemical.
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The Caretaker (link to Wikipedia page with free downloads of all albums)

Some of The Caretaker's music has words, but there are plenty of tracks that do not, and I'd say they fit right in with your requirements. I used this as background music for a Halloween party a few years ago, and it fit right in.
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I recommend most of the catalog of VNV Nation.
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The Donny Darko soundtrack is nearly all creepy & ambient.
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The instrumental tracks from the soundtrack to David Lynch's Mulholland Drive would be perfect. The whole movie is very unsettling and uncomfortable, and the soundtrack matches it perfectly.
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Brian Eno's On Land may be a little too ambient, but it is definitely creepy.
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Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works, vol. 2
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Goblin and contemporary Goblin worshippers Zombi.
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You should really check out Lustmord and also Twine.
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Check out these movie soundtracks: Solaris, Runaway Jury, Jennifer 8, The Underneath, The Limey, Traffic, The Illusionist, World Trade Center, Syriana, and Dark Water.
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