"Michael Vaughan truly believes James Anderson to be very special."
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Help me write a sample-based song! I need the names of films or other places from which I can grab audio that includes characters called "James Anderson", "Jimi", "Mr Anderson" or similar. Explanation inside!

I'm writing a song to perform at a friend's birthday party. I'll be using a MIDI keyboard to trigger various samples of his name at various pitches and pans.

FOR EXAMPLE: There's a famous cricketer called James Anderson. I chopped up the audio from some BBC commentary of his 5-wicket bonanza and threw them into Reason's NN-XT. Now I can trigger a crowd roaring and the commentator saying things like "James Anderson, you beauty!", "Now this is the magic of James Anderson", etc.

I'm looking for other places to cull iterations of his name. Another example would be The Matrix's Agent Smith saying "Mr. Anderson."

I'd love a range of voices, genres and styles - if anyone knows of a hardboiled or noir film in which someone says 'Jimmy' or 'Anderson' that would be ace. Famously recognisable voices are good too.

Super-double points for anyone who can point me to a relevent Youtube/Googlevid/Vimeo clip.

Happy to be pointed to clips of people saying "Happy Birthday" too, especially if in creepy or odd ways.

Be part of Jimi's birthday magic!
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The Internet Movie Database lets you search on characters names: here's James Anderson
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Best answer: It does quotes too.
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"Thoroughly Modern Millie" has a song called "Jimmy"
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Must I be the person to point out that Agent Smith says "Mr Anderson" in a wonderfully sneering way in the first Matrix film?
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Response by poster: Uh, I sort of did in the question, dmt. Thanks for the suggestion, though, and any more you might have would be happily received!
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Wasn't the neighbor character in Beavis & Butthead (who later morphed into Hank Hill) named Mr. Anderson?
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Best answer: If you can find it, there's an old (early 90s) cover of Jimi Hendrix's "You Got Me Floatin'" done by PM Dawn. At the very beginning of the song, there are these samples of various people saying things like "Jimmy? What Jimmy? Jimmy who? Jimmy Witherspoon?" and one of the PM Dawn-ers who starts chanting "J-I-M, J-I-M, J-I-M"...

Original Star Trek stuff would have Dr. McCoy saying "Jim", 'cause that's what he called Kirk.
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Best answer: how about some Bond beauties saying 'ooooh James'.

or 'JAMIE! JAMIE!' from Jamie and the Magic torch....
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How about Billy Connolly saying "Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, I love him", or a clip from the Undertones classic "Jimmy, Jimmy"
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Uh, I sort of did in the question, dmt. Thanks for the suggestion, though, and any more you might have would be happily received!

D'oh. Tinker with the spelling of Anderson a bit and you
get Andersen which is helpfully pronounced in the same way. I don't recall any corporate advertising from disgraced accountant and management consultant Andersen, but their old ad agency might be able to tell you. Also, I understand that there's a Mormon elder called 'Andersen' which might help.
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Response by poster: Star Trek and Bond are both great. If anyone knows if there's a character from Doctor Who called Jimi or Anderson that'd be even better.

The Undertones' song sadly is going to be too difficult to integrate - the backing music makes it more trouble than it's worth.

Billy Connelly is good.

Thanks guys!
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"Jimmy" by M.I.A.
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Best answer: I'm sure you could get a hilarious sample of Jimmy on South Park stuttering his own name ...
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Stephen Spielberg's "Minority Report" main character is called John Anderton. Spielberg switches back and forth from "Anderton" to "Anderson" to subtly mess with your mind.
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Jimmie Jones, The Vapors (might be tricky for the same reason as the Undertones, though)
Happy Birthday, Altered Images
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"You Don't Mess Around with Jim" by Jim Croce
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For some reason I thought of this action figure I had as a kid - Big Jim.
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Step back into history a little bit. The titular father of Father Knows Best is Jim Anderson!
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The Matrix Mr Anderson
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There was a Doctor Who companion called Jamie, but no Jim or Anderson characters, as far as I know.
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