Where do I go from here?
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OldSongFilter: Help me find a song from my childhood!

This is a song that I heard on a music video show when my family was traveling the world around 1982-1983. The lyrics of what I'm pretty sure was the chorus were (or were very close to):

"Oooo Ooooo Where do we go from here?
Oooo Ooooo Heaven seems so clear. Where do we go from here?"

Band could've been English or American. I remember very distinctly that one of the videos on the same show was Men at Work's "Who Can It Be Now?". Seventeen years later and I still haven't found this song. Various permutations of "Heaven" "Lyrics" and "Where to we go" has turned up nothing on Google searches. Can anyone help me find this song?!?
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Best answer: Cliff Richard, "Where Do We Go From Here?"?
posted by The Tensor at 11:56 PM on April 23, 2009

Best answer: BTW, I Googled for:

    "where do we go from here" heaven "so clear" lyrics

...and got lucky, because this page happened to also include the word "heaven", which is actually "everything" in the song.
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Were you hearing "Where do we go from here? Which is the way that's clear"? If so, it's "Rock On" which was originally by David Essex, but covered by various people and groups.
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"Games People Play", Alan Parsons Project, 1981?

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Here's a link for "Games People Play", Alan Parsons Project
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The Lyrics of Haircut 100's "Love Plus 1" are possible fit - certainly in terms of release date. Specifically:
Where does it go from here?
Is it down to the lake I fear?
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I can only think of Eurogliders' Heaven (Must Be There)...
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White Russian by Marillion? From Clutching at Straws, 1987.
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Response by poster: Hey all! Thanks for the effort. The Tensor nailed it right out of the chute! How do you people do that?! Lucky? Yeah, right. Mad Google skills is more like it! Thanks all.

Wish the song sounded as cool to me now as it did seventeen years ago. Ah, well. Thanks!
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