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I'm planning a (solo) weekend trip to Baja California in late May/early June. Need some planning/lodging advice!

I'm planning a (solo) weekend trip to Baja California in late May/early June.

I'll arrive across the border from San Diego to Tijuana, and I will be staying the night in Tijuana, and then will rent a car the following morning. I'd like a quiet weekend by myself, and I'm thinking San Felipe might be the best place for a chill place by the beach to stay that isn't too isolated.

I speak Spanish, so there is no issue with language. I have driven in several Latin American countries before, so i'm completely comfortable with that as well. And finally, yes - I am aware of the current safety situation.

SO, with that in mind:

With a long weekend in Baja California (the northern part)
1) Can you recommend a decent hotel (25-40/night) in Tijuana to stay at? (All the guides (LP, Moon, Rough Guide) suggest various places, but I wanted to hear recent, personal experience.
2) If i wanted a quiet, decent-sized beach town, would you recommend San Felipe? Or somewhere else? (Rosarito and Enseneda look exactly like what I want to avoid - gringo heavy and resort filled)

And finally, any must-dos, in Baja outside of the Tijuana Cultural Center?
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Response by poster: Oops. Apologies for the bad formatting...
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Northern Baja has been ruined by developers. Especially San Felipe. Sorry. Can you go further south? The further south you can go, the better.
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Response by poster: With the economy being the way it is, I managed to stay at great places in Baja (Tijuana, San Felipe, and Rosarito), even on a weekend, for under $50 bucks. This included places with wireless internet.
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