Opera San Jose at California Theater - which seats don't suck?
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Opera San Jose at California Theater - which seats don't suck?

For a performance of Carmen by Opera San Jose at the newly renovated California Theater -- which seats should one avoid and which seats don't suck?

I have a line on a pair of row M center orchestra seats - will these be fine? Should I really try and seek out balcony seats?

I don't need the perfect or the best seats. Just want to be sure it's not in a dead zone or behind a pillar. An opera is a long time to be parking one's butt!

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Based on this photograph, there doesn't appear to be an obstructed seat in the house. I'm not personally familiar with the venue, but confirmed my statement at the Opera San Jose site.
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I was just there on Sunday -- and fydfyd is right, there's not a bad seat in the house. And the show is phenomenal -- enjoy!
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I was in this theater for Cinequest two or three years ago. It's all pretty good. The floor should be fine.
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(I came back here to say that by some miracle I got balcony seats that were in the center of the front row, and they were awesome and entirely worth it, so if you can get them, then by all means, switch! But otherwise, don't bother.)
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The theater is a restored movie palace from the 1920s. Not a bad seat in the the house.
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IIRC, and it's been a few years since I've worked there, it's a tiny little theater. All the seats are great.

Also, center anything anywhere is almost guaranteed not to be obstructed.
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