I need help with invitation wording
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Help me word an invitation.

My son is turning six soon and we're having a camp-out styled birthday party - not a sleepover - just camp-out themed.

I need help wording the front of the invitation. So far, I have:

"Please join mini-Sassyfras in celebrating his 6th birthday -
camp-out style!"

But, I'm thinking that sounds kinda lame (even lamer than posting this question on AskMe).

How can I jazz the wording up a little bit? I'd like to be pretty clear that it's a camp-out themed party.
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Come gather round the campfire as we...
     ...roast hot dogs
     ...make s'mores
     ...tell silly stories*
     ...and celebrate mini-Sassyfrass's 6th birthday!

*better for 6 year olds than ghost stories, maybe?
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I would work this in somehow: "It'll be IN-TENTS"!
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But, I'm thinking that sounds kinda lame

By "kinda lame," do you mean "awesome"? 'Cause it sounds awesome, and I'm not even six. If you listed some expected activities, as suggested above, it would get even awesomer. Six-year-old Elsa would squeal when she got that invitation.

One thing: if I were invited to a camp-out party, I'd expect it to be a sleepover. Might be worth mentioning that it's a day trip, or at least specifying a likely end time, so you don't start wondering when the parents plan to pick up their kids, as the moon rises overhead.

chudmonkey: I snorted out loud at that. Nice.
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How about on the front of the card (in the shape of a tent with flaps) you put:

Join me at Camp Mini-Sassyfras to celebrate my 6th Year of Operation
It will be "In-tents" (LOVE, LOVE LOVE the "In-Tents" idea.)

And when you open the tent flaps to reveal the inside, put some of the details of what will happen there like the ones ocherdraco mentioned (campfire, smores, etc).
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Having just composed my kid's birthday invitation, 'tis far better to be explicit than artistic.
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So, I'm kinda proud of my invites. I made the inside a pop up tent! You open it up and ta-da! a tent! The tent has the details on it (with specific begin and end time). It's just the wording on the front introducing the idea that it's camp-out style that's bugging me. I love the "in-tents" idea as well as "gathering 'round the campfire."

tent invite
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too cute!
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That invitation is so great! Are you all set with the wording now ("in-tents," "gather 'round the campfire"), or do you still need some brainstorming company?
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Bring a flashlight!
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Keep 'em coming!

I really like the ones suggested, but would love to hear others!
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It's a Stampede!

Sassyfras' kid is turning SIX

Come round the mountain at:

1234 Any Street USA
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mini-Sassyfras is bringing you the best of both worlds for his sixth birthday.
Camping meets birthdays in a no holds barred fun-match.
Cooking on an open fire - You bet
Carving things out of soap - You know it
Indoor plumbing and bathrooms - They'll be there too.

This ain't your grandma's birthday (but she's welcome to pick you up up @ 5:30)
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